Natural Wine 101

Some important facts to remember:

-Organic, Biodynamic or Sustainable farming (sustainable practices both but is not necessarily certified)- I’ll discuss what these practices mean further in later posts.

-Hand harvesting- hand picking grapes rather than using machines. This makes smaller batches of wine but better quality.

-Chemical free- there are over 60 chemicals that can be in the wine you are drinking, including coloring agents. Wonder what your headache is from? It’s probably not the sulfur.

-Unfiltered/Unfined- this process is what makes your wine look clear. Not everyone is aware that this process also makes wine non-vegan as it uses egg whites, gelatin, milk protein, or fish bladder protein. Natural wine usually cuts this process out causing your wine to look cloudy and have more sediment at the bottom. Fear not, this is completely normal and it won’t hurt you at all…it might feel gross when you accidentally eat it, but that’s about it.

-Lower sulfur/no sulfur- while I truly believe people are not reacting to sulfur in wine, as it is a naturally occurring chemical, natural wine uses only natural sulfur and more often than not very low amounts if any at all.